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Technical documentation

Technical documentation

The term "technical documentation" includes all documents describing a technical product, e.g., operation, user and maintenance instructions.

Professional technical documentation is characterised by:

  • Structured, clear compilation of content
  • Sensible interweaving of text and figures
  • Understandable, targeted language
  • Consistent, technically adequate terminology
  • Legally compliant safety information

We provide print-optimised PDF files with bookmarks. Depending on customer requirements, further editable and non-editable file formats (e.g., MS Word) and output formats (e.g., CD or paper format) may be provided. Moreover, we gladly assist you in creating your mobile documentation (e.g., as app or e-book).

Our services concerning technical documentation

Our tools


Editorial work

We use the XML-based content management system SCHEMA ST4 for editorial work. This solution provides the following functions:

  • Output of the same content to different media (e.g., print and web)
  • Adaptation to company-specific layout specifications
  • Reuse of recurring content via modular structure
  • Further development of existing content by versioning
  • Language management
  • Output to industry-specific XML formats (e.g., DITA, ASD S100D, QRD / SPL)
  • Output to various file formats (e.g., MS Word, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe InDesign)

Image and graphical editing

We use professional software to edit images and vector graphics, including the following:

  • Image editing: Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photo Paint
  • Vector graphics: Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw
  • 3D graphics: SolidWorks
  • Technical drawings: AutoCAD Mechanical